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Short Stories that Matter

101 Visions is the quickest route to transform your visionary project into a shareable story – inspiring your audience to engage and take action.

We combine the skills and experience to both articulate your story and create an inspiring short film.  We do this by mixing strong narratives coming from deep practical experience of ‘sustainability’, with the high quality film work of an accomplished and passionate team.

Our Team

Our Team

Film making expertise meets
environmental excellence

Daren Howarth

Sustainability Innovator & Orchestrator

Daren has worked with a wide range of organisations to develop new thinking and get challenging sustainability projects initiated. He is an experienced, sustainability consultant, communicator and narrator. Works to connect business people to forests and forest communities. MSc, Ecologist.

Ramsay James

Award winning director and producer

Ramsay has made films of all lengths from 3 minute promos to full feature length documentaries, in over 15 countries, and is presently co-directing a series on trees presented by Joanna Lumley, Bruce Parry, Satish Kumar and Peter Owen Jones. His passion lies in making films about inspiring initiatives that promote positive impacts on our planet.

Ben Cole

Award winning cinematographer

Award winning cinematographer with over 25 years experience shooting editing and directing documentary and corporate documentaries, advertising and feature dramas. He specialises in solo film crew situations, bringing high production values with his Epic 5K cameras, steady cams and 4K quad-copters.

Tom Sands

Director of Photography, Producer, Editor

Tom employs strong narratives and powerful storytelling to deliver films with substance. He has successfully applied this philosophy across documentaries, corporate videos and feature films.


Our Services

We work with you to define and refine your story. Partners find our approach a great way to get clarity and a refreshingly simple way to work.
Our approach is to work as far as possible with existing materials before embarking on new filming, so we’ll review your existing visual material and work from there.
When we need to produce new material, our team is made up of leading documentary film makers and directors, all of whom are passionate about our emphasis on simplicity and collaboration with our partners.
All films are made public and broadcast from our own channel, where our partners and other networks can embed and share their 101 Visions.

your story | simply told | easily shared

Our Work

See the Power of the Split Sections

Our Work

Premium quality production | Compelling narratives

Tree of Life

An example of our work on full length documentaries.


Start Network

A 101vision with the UK’s Humanitarian Aid Agencies


A 101vision on Hunter Gatherers engaged in forest conservation

Carbon Insetting

A 101vision produced with Plan Vivo Foundation



Some of our partners
and what they say about us
I seriously want to thank you for all your help, you made the impossible possible…
Ines Aramburo
Pur Projet
you are lovely to work with, you make it easy and are extremely adaptable to changing circumstances. The creation of the 101’s on Source Coffee have enabled us to launch two products and by putting these films onto the coffee packaging, you have given us a communications strategy that speaks to customers &  brings provenance to life.
Cris Talens
Source Coffee
your flexibility, matched by real enthusiasm for our project and a willingness to work extremely quickly, has really supported our communications and provided very clear messages about the Start Network.
Tegan Rogers
Start Network
strong narrative and a really balanced positive message. Thanks for creating an inspiring way for us to be working together. Your ability to help shape ideas and move this into action really harnesses momentum. Inspiring and partnering are areas where you excel.
Louise Foreman
Bridge Partnership
we have been trying to get a short film together about the project for 2 years, whenever we tried to engage with anyone it got complicated quickly. 101visions simplified the process and though a single Skype chat got what was needed to script the film. It does what it says on the tin.
Marc Baker
Carbon Tanzania

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