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About 101 Visions

101 Visions

We make micro-documentaries for businesses, charities and NGOs.

We only work with clients who share our vision of aligning people, business and
technology with nature.

We stand for honest and transparent storytelling.

101 Visions are short stories that matter.


What We Do

What We Do


We distil your vision into a shareable micro-documentary. We do this through a simple process of consultation and conversation.

We create a 3-5 minute film with a clear narrative, strong voice-over and bespoke soundtrack.

By re-using your existing media assets, we save you time, money and carbon. Where needed, we shoot new content.

With this approach we achieve a rapid turnaround on 101 Visions, usually within 10 days.

Each 101 Vision is delivered at a flat rate, with bolt-ons available for extras like location filming.


Our Service

1. Consultation

We work with you, often on Skype, to distil the essence of your story.

2. Discovery

Our approach is to use existing materials before new filming, so we review your existing media assets.

3. Storyline

We present a script for your approval, making changes where needed.

4. Filming

We engage in new filming where required.

5. Production

We present you with a 3-5 minute video, making changes where needed.

6. Sharing

Your short film is uploaded to our 101Visions YouTube channel and launched on social media.

Our Team

Our People

Film making expertise meets
ecological excellence

Our team has a unique set of skills.

Daren Howarth is a sustainability director with an impeccable track record in pioneering ecological projects.

Tom Sands is a feature film director with a knack for distilling narrative and creating powerful imagery.

Ramsay James is a documentary producer with a wealth of on-the- ground experience.

We are supported by our network of creatives. They provide music creation, worldwide location filming, animation, graphic design and digital marketing.

Creative Network

Creative Network






editor and animator




sound recordist


graphic designer


digital marketing


director of photography


director of photography


partner collaborator


Our Partners


We work differently. Through close collaboration we create and communicate stories that matter to us and our partners. Their feedback is 100% positive.

what they say about us
I found Daren and Adi wonderful to work with. Their relaxed yet perceptive way of interviewing me put me at ease and helped me share the most relevant information for the 101Vision. I feel that they captured the essence of my work and future vision for the forest.
Melissa Krige
I seriously want to thank you for all your help, you made the impossible possible…
Ines Aramburo
Pur Projet
You are lovely to work with, you make it easy and are extremely adaptable to changing circumstances. The creation of the 101’s on Source Coffee have enabled us to launch two products and by putting these films onto the coffee packaging, you have given us a communications strategy that speaks to customers &  brings provenance to life.
Cris Talens
Source Coffee
Your flexibility, matched by real enthusiasm for our project and a willingness to work extremely quickly, has really supported our communications and provided very clear messages about the Start Network.
Tegan Rogers
Start Network
Strong narrative and a really balanced positive message. Thanks for creating an inspiring way for us to be working together. Your ability to help shape ideas and move this into action really harnesses momentum. Inspiring and partnering are areas where you excel.
Louise Foreman
Bridge Partnership
We have been trying to get a short film together about the project for 2 years, whenever we tried to engage with anyone it got complicated quickly. 101visions simplified the process and though a single Skype chat got what was needed to script the film. It does what it says on the tin.
Marc Baker
Carbon Tanzania

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